By Sempico Solutions

Detailed description of SMPP error codes

SMPP error codes are typically shown as a four-byte hexadecimal value. Only the last two bytes of this value are used to indicate different error situations. The following table displays the error number, the error name specified by the SMPP protocol, the corresponding error message and error description. This detailed table will help you understand […]

How to set up automatic price updates from mail?

On the SMPP platform GATUM, an opportunity has been created to set up automation of price updates from mail. This is done to save you time and prices are automatically uploaded to the platform. Setting up automation occurs in two stages. First, you need to set up a connection to your mailbox. Next, you will […]

How can a customer grant access to other users and create accounts for them?

Now, on the SMPP platform GATUM, your clients will be able to create sub-accounts with limited access to the web account. This way, your clients can separate roles within their team and provide access to only the information they need. Before creating sub-accounts, you will need to enable this functionality for your client. To do […]

How can a client change the product in the web cabinet?

On the SMPP platform GATUM, you can assign a set of pre-installed settings to each of your clients, they are called products. You can see how to create them on the page Admin panel -> Settings -> Config -> Product type. Also, your clients can optionally change this product in their web cabinet. For this […]

How can a client enable SMPP integration?

The SMPP platform GATUM is designed in such a way that your client can easily make basic settings from the web panel. Therefore, he can also easily create an account for connecting the SMPP protocol, as well as add IP to the Whitelist. By default, a client can create only one account from his account, […]

How can a client connect REST API integration?

The GATUM platform is designed in such a way that your client can easily make basic settings from the web panel. Therefore, he can also easily create a token to connect to the protocol REST API, as well as add a link to send reports on SMS API and Incoming SMS. By going to the […]

How can a client add a link shortening service to the web cabinet?

After you have activated your client the ability to use the link shortening service, he will need to add a service that shortens them to his account. In order to add such a service, you need to: 3. In the Short Domain field, enter the service you want to use. It can be your service, […]

How can a client shorten links and analyze conversions?

Working on the GATUM platform, you can provide your customers not only with the ability to send SMS, but also use links in them, where they can later analyze conversions on them. You can see how to activate this functionality for the client on the Admin panel -> Statistic -> Short URL page. On the […]

How can a customer apply for a new SID?

On the GATUM platform, you can work with different types of clients, so for some of them you can restrict the use of senders. On the Admin panel -> Current traffic -> Moderation page, we wrote about how to enable the sender control function for your client. In short: if you activate this function, then […]

How to create new traffic types?

Every feature of the GATUM platform is designed to make your work easier. Therefore, a section has been created that displays various kinds of characteristics. Gradually, new features are added to the Library section. Now let’s look at the characteristics of Traffic types. This characteristic is responsible for displaying the types of traffic that will […]