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What SMS gets into the Queue of SMS tab?

In order for you to be able to monitor your traffic in real time and adjust it, the function of displaying a live SMS queue has been developed on the SMPP platform GATUM.

This tab contains all SMS created by your clients that are waiting to be sent on a first-come, first-served basis. In the same way, they disappear from this tab when they go to the supplier.

This tab can get SMS, which:

  1. Waiting for its dispatch in the first place. They are sent at the speed specified by the supplier in the settings.

2. Waiting for its dispatch at the time scheduled by the client. If the client has planned a bulk sending for a certain period of time, then the sending of all SMS will be evenly distributed in this period.


3. Was sent from a customer you blocked. Here it waits either for unblocking the client, or forcing a send, or rejecting a send.


You can see how you can block / unblock a client in the Admin panel -> Profiles -> Clients tab.

4. Was sent to the aggregator you blocked. Here it waits either for the client to be unblocked, or for rerouting, or for sending rejections.


You can see how you can block / unblock the aggregator in the Admin panel -> Current traffic -> Routing -> Aggregators tab.

It is for these reasons that SMS created by your clients fall into this tab.

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