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How to set up moderation for a client?

The GATUM platform has the ability to control the content that the client sends. For this, moderation has been created. SMS that are moderated for specific reasons will be stored in the Moderation tab.

In order to set up moderation for a client, you need to:

  1. Go to the Profiles -> Clients page in the admin panel.

2. In the line of the client you need, in the Actions block, click on the edit icon. You will be redirected to a page where you can make changes.


3. In the Moderation field, in the drop-down line, select the type of moderation that you want to set for the client.


Manual type – all SMS of the client will go to moderation and wait for approval or rejection of sending by you or your manager in manual mode.

Type Automatic – only those SMS that have not passed the filters set in the Control text tab will be moderated.

You can see how to set filters for SMS in the Admin panel -> Settings -> Firewall -> Control text tab.

Type No – all the client’s SMS will be sent immediately, will not be moderated.

4. After you’ve made your changes, you need to save them. Click on the Save button at the very bottom.


You can manage SMS during moderation on the Current traffic -> Moderation page. With the help of quick buttons, you can reject or approve the sending of SMS.


This is how easy it is to set up moderation for your customers and control their content.

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