By Sempico Solutions

How to manage the list of senders of your clients?

The SMPP platform GATUM has a page that displays the entire list of SIDs that your customers have ever sent SMS with. This page contains both the SIDs of those clients that have sender moderation enabled, and those that can send SMS with any sender. You can see how to set up moderation for senders on the Current traffic -> Moderation page.

Also on this page you can manage senders, that is, allow or deny the ability of clients to use them in their SMS.

The SIDs that you have allowed your clients to use are highlighted in green. And those that you banned are red. If some SID is under moderation, then it will be highlighted in blue.


If you want to change your decision on any of the SIDs, then in the Actions column, take the necessary action.


This is how you can easily manage the senders of all your clients on one page.

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