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How to choose a suitable server for the SMS platform?

As the telecommunications market around the world develops and gains momentum, new players appear. More and more companies are expanding their scope of activities and decide to also provide Voip and SMS services. One of these companies may be yours. After making such a decision, the painstaking and crucial moment of choosing the space and tools for work comes. Some companies choose to develop their own traffic management software, and some rent Saas SMPP platforms for a faster start.

But for the first and for others, one of the stages of setting up a space for work is choosing a reliable and fast server. It is the quality of the server on which your software will be installed that will mainly affect how successfully you can launch traffic from the first minutes and how you will manage it in the future. In this article, we have talked about how to choose the best SMS platform server according to your requirements and needs.

Server parameters for the SMS platform

Having decided on the software that you will use to work with SMS traffic, you will need to decide on the server. Some SMPP platforms provide the ability to work on their servers and take care of the entire installation and maintenance process. The GATUM team does the same: by renting our SMPP software, you can leave the choice of the server and its preparation in our hands.

If you want to do this process yourself, then you should pay attention to some characteristics and parameters. The main and only factor that will determine the characteristics of a suitable server for you will be the number of SMS you send per day. It depends on the volume of traffic with what content it is worth renting a server for work: the size of the hard disk, the number of processors, the amount of RAM, and so on.

In the table below, we have prepared a hint that indicates the characteristics depending on the volume of your daily traffic.

Potential SMS amount per daySSD/NVMe disksCPURAM
< 500 000256GB3 Physical Cores16GB
< 1 000 000512GB4 Physical Cores24-32GB
< 20 000 000768GB6 Physical Cores32-48GB
20 000 000+1TB12 Physical Cores65GB+

The price for renting a server certainly depends on its content. For average traffic volumes, you should expect about 100 euros per month.

As the volume of your traffic grows, you will move to more powerful servers. Also, a few months after the launch of the platform, it will be possible to create a backup server. A replica of the database is configured on it, so it will be more secure to work in the future.

Benefits of working with the GATUM platform team

If you decide to rent the GATUM SMS platform for your SMS business, then our team will guide you all the way: from choosing the rental package that best suits your needs to installing it on the server and launching traffic. Also, the structure of our platform allows running on a multi-server or distributed server structure. This provides load balancing, traffic distribution, and ease of adding resources. In order to implement such a work structure, you just need to contact GATUM technical specialists. You can choose whether you leave the configuration and management of the server part to us or take the whole process into your hands.

If you have any questions, please contact!

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