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The main steps when moving to a new SMS platform.

For those who provide SMS services, it is essential to provide a stable and secure environment in which to operate. All mechanisms must work smoothly, and especially the software of the SMS platform. Therefore, its selection and connection must be approached as carefully as possible.

There is a certain process for connecting the SMS platform. Basically, this connection process is similar for all platforms. When connecting GATUM, we go through all stages together with the client in order to ensure success at each of them. Below we have briefly described each of them in order to make the transition to the new SMS platform more understandable for you.

1. Select multiple options for review and tests.

The decision to rent a platform should be made by comparing the options. In order to choose the right ones, you need to determine the needs of your business and the functionality that must be in the platform. So you will not be sprayed and waste your time on something that will not suit you in the future. How to choose an SMS platform we wrote earlier in our article.

2. Take the training and the trial period.

Once you have decided on the options for the SMS platform, one of which you want to rent in the future, you need to agree on a trial period and training. Various companies offer online presentations to start with and then provide access to the platform for a trial period. Our GATUM team gives you the opportunity to take not only online training, but also watch pre-recorded materials. We have prepared video and text instructions if you do not have the opportunity to make time for the presentation. Further, we provide free access to the platform with full functionality for 7 days (it can be extended if there is an emergency). In any case, whichever training option you choose, you should set aside a few hours for this. After all, SMPP platforms have many features that are difficult to see at first glance, but they become useful when working with traffic.

3. Sign the official contract and related documents.

Having decided on the SMS platform you want to rent, you will need to conclude an agreement. At this stage, pay attention to the conditions for renting and using the platform so that you do not have conflicts with developers in the future.

4. Prepare domains for platform installation.

Most SMPP platforms are installed on the web, only a few are developed as applications that need to be installed on the device. If your choice fell on the web platform, then you will need to prepare the subdomains on which it will be installed. Since the GATUM platform has both a panel for clients and a panel for managers, we require 3 main subdomains: for the admin panel, for the client panel and for the manager panel. It will also be necessary to prepare subdomains for API and REST API connections.

5. Prepare the server for platform installation.

We have already written about how important it is to choose a high-quality and stable server for the SMS platform and what criteria to pay attention to. In short, the main factor determining the filling of the server is the number of SMS per day. Some platform developers offer two options for working with the server: setting up and maintaining the server on the part of the platform tenant or full service on the part of the developer. GATUM is no exception and you can either take over the work with the server or leave it to us, the rental price does not depend on it. Also, the subdomains from the previous step must be associated with the server by IP.

6. Get login details for your platform.

After the previous preparatory stages, the developers of the SMS platform collect information together in order to set up access for the client. Further, the data is transferred to you and you will be ready to start working on the platform. It takes no more than one day to fully configure the software from the moment the payment is made to the granting of access.

7. Make basic settings to track the correct operation.

It is also important to check the correct operation of all functionality, to establish contact with support and the platform manager. Make basic settings for sending traffic to make sure everything works.

8. Send SMS all over the world!

The most important step is to start earning. Now you have everything in order to create, send and receive SMS, and therefore earn money. And the GATUM team will be by your side not only at the connection stages, but also 24/7 in the future.

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