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Sender autoreplacement rules for aggregators: how to create?

The GATUM platform is designed in such a way that each function makes your work as convenient as possible. Therefore, we have created a mechanism for automatically replacing the sender.

By creating rules for automatically replacing the sender name for an aggregator, you make sure that all traffic that is sent to this aggregator will go through this rule and, if the conditions are met, the name will change.

In order to create a rule, you need:

  1. Go to the Current traffic -> Routing -> Aggregators page.
  2. Click on the eye icon in the line of the aggregator you need.
  1. In the Replacement rules block, click the green Create button.

Let’s create an example rule. For example, you want the name TikTok to be replaced with the name 538756.

  1. In the Destination field, select the direction for which this rule will apply.
  2. In the ID User field, if necessary, select the client, when sending SMS from which this rule will apply. You can choose not to choose a specific one and then the rule will apply to all clients.
  1. In the Sender field, write the name of the sender you are looking for, in this case TikTok.
  1. In the Senders field, enter the name you want to replace with, in this case 538756.

If you specify several names, the system will randomly select one of them for replacement.

  1. In the Priority field, set the priority for this rule. The unit has the highest priority.
  1. Click on the green Save button.

This feature is very handy if you are sending traffic to countries where it can be blocked for certain words or expressions.

This is how you can easily create rules for automatic replacement of the sender name and make your work safer and faster.

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