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MCC and MNC prefixes: how to configure them?

It is important for us that the work on the GATUM platform is as efficient and fast as possible for you. Therefore, we have a separate page that contains prefixes, MCC, MNC and MWX codes.

When installing the platform, our specialists download the current database of prefixes for all available countries of the world, without restrictions. They are updated from time to time, but this does not happen every day, so you yourself can create, edit and remove prefixes.

In order to create a new prefix, you need:

  1. Go to the Current traffic -> Routing -> Prefixes page.
  2. Click on the green Create a prefix button.
  1. In the MCC field, enter the appropriate country code.
  1. In the MNC field, also enter the appropriate country code.
  1. In the Title field, give a name to the prefix.
  1. In the Priority field, enter its priority.
  1. In the Prefixes block, enter your prefix. You can add an unlimited number of them.
  1. Click on the green Create button.

You can edit a prefix using the edit icon in its line.


By filtering at the top, you can find the prefix you want. This can be done by direction or through a phone number. In the Phone field, enter the phone number, the prefix of which you want to find and click on the Search button. If the prefix is not immediately found, then delete one digit at a time and search until the system gives you a prefix.


This is how you can easily edit and add new prefixes, thereby improving the quality of your service.

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