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How to create related accounts?

On the GATUM platform, for the convenience of controlling the Client’s Balance, the RELATED ACCOUNTS functionality was developed. Often when working with large clients, there is a need to create several accounts for one client. In such cases, the problem arises of uneven use of the balance in each of them. But since legally, this is one and the same client, it is illogical and inconvenient to separate their balances, therefore, a mechanism of RELATED ACCOUNTS was developed on our platform. This is done so that the Balance is in one place and the accountant can always conveniently and quickly maintain the client’s balance, regardless of how many accounts the client has and how many of these accounts use this balance.

In order to create a related account for a client, you need to:

  1. Go to the Profiles -> Clients page in the admin panel.

2. In the line of the client you need, in the Actions block, click on the yin-yang icon. You will be redirected to the page where you enter data for a new customer.


3. Enter the login with which the client will be authorized on the platform in the new account. IMPORTANT! The login must be created following the example of the name of the main account, so that they are located side by side in the list of clients. For example, if the name of the main customer is “Orhid_magazine”, then the name of the linked account must begin with “Orhid_magazine” and continue on as intended. For example, “Orhid_magazine_DIR”.


4. Enter the password with which the client will be authorized on the platform in the new account.


5. Click on the green Create button. The platform will redirect you to the newly created client page.


The related account will be created based on the main account (details will be copied). After that, you can set completely new settings for prices, routes, SMPP accounts and so on for this account. The related account does not have a balance top-up function. The balance of the main account is displayed here. All related accounts use the balance of the account they were created from. There can be only one master account, and there is only a direct hierarchy from the Master to the related account, and there is no way to link two related accounts to each other (this makes no sense). All accounts will be displayed in the Clients tab, where you can manage them or create new ones.


This is how easy it is to create and manage related accounts, and thereby make the work of your accountant more convenient and of better quality.

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