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How to choose an SMS platform for a novice aggregator or reseller?

The SMS business is now growing rapidly and expanding your capabilities. Therefore, if you want to start working in it right now, you need to choose a platform for yourself that will contribute to a quick and effective start. Here are a few aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing a platform, because they will be decisive in the point of growth of your business.

  1. Connection time.
    Now, with a variety of technologies and services, time is the key. When choosing a platform for work, always specify the period for which you will be connected and you can start sending traffic, because some companies can connect new customers up to 1-2 months. And this will not guarantee that this platform will suit you and after a week of use you will not give up on it.
    Our specialists solved this issue and made the process of connecting to GATUM completely automated and you will not need the help of technical specialists in this.
  2. Platform functionality.
    Before you get started, you should clearly analyze your business goals and ways to achieve them. This will help you determine which features you need first. After that, study the functionality of those platforms among which you choose and determine the one that suits you best.
  3. Price.
    Often, the price for renting or buying a platform is formed more from the status and recognition of the developer’s company. But when choosing a platform for yourself, you should look at whether the price matches the set of functions and the quality of work, whether technical support is provided and to what extent, whether the developers will respond to your requests, whether the platform is being improved or not. This is how you can determine if the platform is worthy of the money that you will pay.
    Working on the GATUM platform, with the help of rental packages, you can choose the set of functions that you need and not overpay just like that.
  4. Company.
    See how past and current users have responded to the developer about this company. Check out its positioning among other companies.
    The GATUM team tries to collect feedback from all users so that you can critically evaluate our work.

Together, all these aspects will help you choose exactly the platform that you can start working on quickly and efficiently, and in the future, just make sure of the correct choice and growth of your business indicators.

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