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Clients work on the platform: prepayment or postpaid.

The GATUM platform is designed in such a way that it is convenient for you and your clients to work with each other. Therefore, your customers have the opportunity to work on the platform on a prepaid or postpaid basis.

Working on a prepaid basis means that a client will be able to send traffic only when his account has a positive balance. If there is no positive balance or it is not enough for the number of SMS that the client wants to send, then all SMS sent from the web cabinet will go to the Waiting SMS tab in the client’s panel. And those SMS that are sent via SMPP or API will simply disappear. This method is convenient to use when working with new clients, for example, they will deposit money into their account and you will be sure that they will not cheat you. On the client’s page, you can see the balance, it will be positive.


Postpaid work means that you, as an administrator, set the client the amount of credit for which the client, without having paid, can be sent. Plus, you can add a temporary credit to this credit, on the platform it is called overdraft. It is added to the amount of the main credit. This is how it looks on the client’s page. Above is the total amount spent by the client for the credit period you specified. Next comes the credit amount, below the temporary loan amount.


This payment method is convenient to use if the client does not know, for example, how much he send SMS for a certain period and how much money he can spend. It is more convenient for him to pay after the fact, at the end of the period when there is an exact amount of his expenses. 

These are the methods your clients can use.

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