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How to become the best SMS service – 9 Advices.

In 2021, the telecom industry has taken a huge step towards transforming into something new. This is all thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, as most businesses have moved or become more firmly established in the digital space. Such an unexpected shift led to the quantitative and qualitative growth of the telecommunications market. After all, it is now necessary to provide such services on a larger scale. New players have entered the market: according to Grand View Research, in 2021 the market grew by 1.6%, and by 2028 growth is projected at 5.4%.

Since the SMS service is part of the telecom sphere, the extension is also visible in it. After all, more and more businesses are resorting to SMS marketing, as the price-quality-return ratio is one of the most effective among the types of marketing. Therefore, many have a desire to create their own SMS service and work in this direction.

In order for you to quickly and without loss join this area, we have prepared for you 9 tips for an easy start.

Firs and foremost!

Having studied the basic processes and rules of SMS mailings, you could understand that the tool plays the main role here. In this case, the tool is the SMS platform, or as it is also called the SMPP platform, SMPP software, wholesale trading platform etc.

This platform with which you will create and send SMS mailings, connect customers and suppliers, configure traffic. The platform should have the following main characteristics:

  • support for SMPP and API protocols;
  • throughput from 100 SMS/sec;
  • setting up the “smart” routing mechanism;
  • full cycle of billing;
  • web interface for the client with the ability to create databases of numbers, send and analyze SMS campaigns;
  • automatic loading of prices by MCC and MNC;
  • detailed reports on each SMS and general statistics;
  • live support 24/7.

These are the most basic characteristics of the SMPP platform from which you can start sending traffic. A set of wider functionality should depend on the specifics and segment of your business. The GATUM platform was developed not only in accordance with the basic requirements, but also taking into account the small nuances of all areas of the SMS business. It is suitable both for those who want to work with the final business, and for those who aim to work with large aggregators. The price range is suitable for both beginners and experienced representatives.

2. Assemble a team.

If you can start sending minimal traffic alone, then you need a team to expand your business. Find people who are great with customers and know how to sell, hire a routing manager and a technical specialist.

3. Ensure a stable and high-quality connection.

Collaborate only with reliable SMS channel providers who can ensure the stability of the connection at any time of the day, because your customers may have different requests. Use those channels that can guarantee a high level of delivery.

4. Optimal throughput.

Each customer segment sends a different amount of SMS per second. But you must be prepared for high demands, so you need to find a platform and providers with high bandwidth in advance.

5. Gather a wide coverage of referrals.

Give your customers the ability to send SMS worldwide. The expansion of business will entail the expansion of destinations for sending.

6. Provide a trial period.

Give customers the opportunity to verify the quality of your services, make a test drive of the service available.

7. Set reasonable prices.

Do not underestimate your price list, because it takes a lot of resources to provide quality services. But you shouldn’t exaggerate either. Try to find a middle ground and the best price for your client.

8. Statistics of SMS campaigns.

Find the SMS platform that will allow your customers to analyze the effectiveness of their SMS campaigns. The number of clicks, conversion rates, and other performance metrics should be available.

9. Provide 24/7 customer support.

Fast customer support is the key to customer loyalty. New customers will always ask a lot of questions and it is quick and efficient answers that will turn these customers into permanent ones.

By following the tips from these points, you can create and launch your SMS service, and expand it in the future. With the GATUM platform, you will do it many times faster, because our managers will select the most profitable rental package for you, and support will help resolve any issue in the shortest possible time.

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