By Sempico Solutions

HLR – easy way to increase the effectiveness of SMS messaging.

In the course of work, doing SMS mailings, you begin to discover that SMS does not come to all numbers. Sometimes this problem can be associated with incorrectly configured routing, sometimes some operators block your mailing, sometimes there is a problem with providers.

But when you remove all of these technical hurdles, the real non-delivery problem may remain.

Often times, this problem occurs during the marketing campaigns of your customers. This is because customers, in order to increase the number of potential customers, can be sent to large, unverified databases of numbers. Many numbers from such databases turn out to be inactive, as a result of which the effectiveness of SMS mailing decreases.

But you can easily fix this problem. Using HLR queries. HLR is a system that contains detailed information on each cellular network user and phone numbers. It is the HLR request that will reveal whether the number is active or not.

This function has been implemented on the GATUM platform for a long time, and we described how to set it up in the video on our YouTube.

Thanks to HLR, in seconds you can find out which ones are active, create a database only of them and increase the efficiency of SMS messaging.

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