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Blocking SMS sending: reasons

The GATUM platform is designed so that you can quickly troubleshoot SMS sending and continue sending traffic.

All messages that were blocked for some reason go to the Blocked SMS tab.

One line displays information on one blocked SMS.

This part displays brief information about SMS content.


This part displays the reason for blocking and its detailed description.


In this example, the client does not have a price set for this direction.

IMPORTANT! For SMS that have been blocked, payment is not charged. The client’s balance does not change.

By clicking on the eye icon, you can view more detailed information about SMS.


Here is a list of reasons why SMS sending can be blocked:

  1. ‘no_money’ => ‘Insufficient Funds’
  2. ‘reseller_no_money’ => ‘Insufficient Funds. Contact with your Account manager’
  3. ‘phone_code_client’ => ‘The Client is not open direction’
  4. ‘package_reseller’ => ‘The Route has no money’
  5. ‘phone_code_reseller’ => ‘Not open in the direction of the reseller’
  6. ‘blocked_sender’ =>  ‘Sender in Black list on aggregator’
  7. ‘no_aggr_price’ => ‘Is not open direction’
  8. ‘no_client_price’ => ‘The Client has no price for this destination’
  9. ‘no_reseller_price’ => ‘There is no price set for this destination’
  10. ‘no_source_price’ => ‘No cost to the aggregator’
  11.  ‘no_mcc_mnc’ => ‘Can’t identify a destination’
  12. ‘phone_in_black_list’ => ‘Phone in black list’
  13. ‘user_not_allowed_sending_to_this_aggregator’ => ‘Client settings do not allow sending traffic to this aggregator’
  14. ‘reseller_not_allowed_sending_to_this_aggregator’ => ‘The route settings do not allow sending messages to this network’
  15. ‘no_active_aggregator’ => ‘No Active Aggregator’
  16. ‘not_registr_originator’ => ‘Sender is not allowed’
  17. ‘incorrect_originator’ => ‘Incorrect Sender (Numeric sender should be with length 3-15 symbols or Alpha-numeric should be not longer then 11 symbols)’
  18. ‘blocked_by_moderation’ => ‘SMS was blocked by Moderation rules’
  19. ‘ip_block’ => ‘Blocked by IP’
  20. ‘invalid_message_length’ => ‘Invalid message length’
  21. ‘incorrect_phone’ => ‘Incorrect phone number’
  22. ‘blocked_originator’ => “Sender already blocked at Aggregator’s config”
  23. ‘incorrent_phone’ => “Incorrect number”
  24. ‘unsupported_encoding’ => “Unsupported Message content encoding”

By analyzing these reasons, you can fix the problem and send SMS again.

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