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TOP-5 best tips for SMS wholesale traffic management

Based on our previous article, we can conclude that in the wake of the growing demand for A2P messaging services, it is quite easy to become an SMS aggregator and start your own business. This is true! But this is an easy task at a glance, because behind this status there is a satisfied voluminous process: hiring qualified employees, equipping an effective virtual resource for work, such as an SMPP gateway, developing a base of business contacts and relationships between partners, searching for clients.

But experienced SMS aggregators know that it is also necessary to pay attention to one more aspect: the selection of tools for managing live traffic. It is necessary to develop a real-time traffic management strategy that minimizes manual intervention and the human factor. After all, large volumes of SMS, which wholesale suppliers work with, do not leave time for manual control.

In this article, you can find practical tips on how to manage large volumes of traffic and who might find these tips useful.

TOP 5 practical tips that will help everyone to effectively manage SMS wholesale traffic.

As your company develops and grows, your customer base grows. The larger the customer base, the more different requests you receive. But since you use one tool to process all traffic, that is, one SMPP server, you will need to choose universal tools or methods that will allow you to send SMS non-stop and without loss of profit. These tips will also help you when choosing an SMS platform, because you will already know what functionality you need.

  1. Use a separate server for your SMS platform. Many companies that provide platforms for aggregators to rent do so on their own servers. They limit the amount of traffic you can send per month according to your rental package, thereby installing multiple systems on the same server. When working with large volumes of SMS, you need to be sure that the server will be able to process this data array at any time. In addition, using your own separate server, you can increase the amount of traffic at any time if such a request comes from a client.
  2. Routing based on delivery quality. When concluding contracts with clients, you approve the conditions for sending SMS, as well as the result that is expected from mass SMS campaigns. In order to always comply with the agreements regarding the percentage of SMS delivery and CR, use routing based on the quality of delivery. For each destination or provider, set the expected percentage of DLR and CR. If the delivery quality is below the set one, define a route that will automatically replace the broken one.
  3. Schedule bulk SMS mailings. Avoid spikes in traffic volumes and fluctuations in the load on the software you use. After all, it is worth understanding that no matter how powerful the server and platform you use, everything has a limit.
  4. Do pre-testing. The actual quality of the routes may differ from those declared by your suppliers. In order to avoid mass non-delivery on millions of SMS and not to look for a replacement supplier for the active direction, it is worth conducting preliminary testing. This is what will give you the opportunity to really assess your capabilities and prepare a set of backup routes for the safety net.
  5. Set the correct set of SMS firewall rules. It is necessary to come up with rules for blocking illegitimate traffic. Sometimes it can be a little more complicated than it looks: you must be aware of the bypass and manipulation methods used by scammers, which can vary from market to market.

By ensuring that all these tools and methods of traffic protection work at the same time, you can pay more attention to customer service and reduce the number of personnel involved in working with live traffic. By following the tips above, you can increase your own income and improve the health of the SMS wholesale gateway you use.

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