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The GATUM team supports Ukraine!

Dear readers!

In early February, the GATUM team announced their trip to Barcelona. We were pleased to inform you that we will visit the MWC Barcelona 2022 exhibition. For every day, we had scheduled meetings with current partners and future colleagues. We planned to create even more touches with international colleagues. During the global pandemic, we began to appreciate the possibility of live communication with colleagues even more. In addition, our employees with Sempico Solutions were planning to attend the Greece Gambling 2022 conference.

But on February 24, our world and the world of all Ukraine turned upside down. Russia invaded the territory of an independent, free and peaceful Ukraine. The plans and hopes of every citizen were shattered. The same happened with our plans. Since the morning of February 24, the main goal of our team has been to ensure that all of its members get to a safe and quiet place. We rallied in the same way as the entire people of Ukraine rallied, who have been fighting for their freedom and for their country for the 20th day.

We are currently operating as normal as all of our employees are safe. We do our best to keep all agreements with our partners and fulfill our obligations.

Each of our team now serves the people of Ukraine. You can also participate in this. You can do this through the media, publishing data from international sources about events in Ukraine. And you can also financially support Our Army by transferring money to the details of the official organizations listed below.

Beneficiary: Charitable Organization “International Charitable Foundation “Turn Back Alive”
Purpose of payment: Charitable donation to military personnel.
Account in PrivatBank:
IBAN: UA383052990000026005015017860
EDRPOU: 39696398
Beneficiary: Charitable Organization “Come Back Alive” International Charitable Foundation
Purpose of payment: Charitable donation to military personnel.

Be sure that your donations will benefit the Ukrainian people!

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