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Take it to the next level – use the mobile version of GATUM.

It is no secret to anyone that in 2022 time is worth its weight in gold. Time becomes a currency and now, in a world of accessibility, it is valued the most. The main task of the business has become the optimization of services: they need to be made comfortable, understandable, and most importantly, fast. No one can be surprised by the complexity of technology, now you need to surprise with convenience.

We, working in the field of SMS business, understand this like no other. Traffic must be sent continuously and must be monitored at all times. Therefore, our team has created a mobile version of the GATUM platform. It is adapted to any smartphone model and is also available on the web.


What functions are there?

We are proud that all the functionality is available in the mobile version, just like in the desktop one. We have adapted the administrator’s and client’s cabinets for smartphones of any models. You can track the SMS queue and real-time reports, set up routing and add prices, top up the client’s balance, and so on. Now you can stay connected anywhere!

You will not need to learn the mobile version platform again, because it copies the design of the desktop one, which makes it intuitive from the very beginning.

To enter the mobile version of GATUM, simply enter the admin domain in the browser of your smartphone and log in to your account.

How will the mobile version help your business?

Using GATUM on your smartphone, you will be able to:

  • Maximize control over workflows.
  • Set up a more efficient management system.
  • Speed up the resolution of critical situations.
  • Optimize the time spent on work.
  • Increase the efficiency of spent resources.

Using two versions of the GATUM platform in your workflow, desktop and mobile, you will better manage your traffic. Having a smartphone in hand, you can monitor the main indicators at any time, you will have access to a dashboard, charts, graphs and detailed reports.

Starting to work with the mobile version of GATUM means starting a new stage of a more professional approach to organizing workflow and personal time.

Stay always in the flow with GATUM!

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