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SMS Short Code: what is it and why should you use it?

When receiving marketing SMS from some brands or notifications about updates, we noticed that they come from numbers that are unusual for a simple user. We could note that they came from shorter numbers, usually 3-6 digits long.

For those who sell SMS services, it is worth knowing everything about such numbers in order to quickly explain to their customers the purpose and rules for using such numbers. After all, when using them, you need to take into account a number of nuances that can affect the SMS campaigns sent out. In addition, there are also Long Code and 10DLC, and you need to clearly define the differences and advantages of each of the options.

In this article, we wrote in detail about what a Short Code is, what types of them are and how to use them in SMS campaigns.

What is Short Code?

SMS Short Code is a five to six character short number used to send SMS campaigns. Such short numbers allow you to send a large number of SMS in a fairly short period, that is, to make a mass mailing.

The client sees such a sender number as well as other regular numbers. These numbers are used to subscribe to or unsubscribe from SMS mailing lists, and often do so with a “keyword” that the customer needs to send to that number.

Due to the fact that such numbers are shorter than usual, they are easier for the end customer to remember. They are used for 2-way communication with clients as well.

What are the types of Short Code?

Previously, there was a division of Short Code numbers into dedicated and shared. Dedicated numbers are allocated specifically for one business, and shared numbers can be divided between several businesses. That is, SMS from different businesses can come from one shared number. But now there are only dedicated numbers on the market, they are safer. Since when using shared numbers, the risks of SMS phishing and spam often arose, which disrupted interaction with business end customers and nullified all the success of marketing campaigns.

Dedicated Short Code numbers are divided into two types – vanity and non-vanity. In their essence and capabilities, they are the same, the difference is displayed only in the way the number is received and displayed.

Non-vanity Short Code is a number given to brands, in our case to your customers, in random order. When requested, the client receives a random number of 5 or 6 characters. This is the most common type of number, as it is much cheaper than vanity numbers. It is used by small businesses, because they do not require large expenses. The price for renting this type of number is about $500 per month.

As for the Vanity Short Code, these are numbers, the meaning of which customers can choose. These are still numbers that consist of 5-6 characters, but they are an order of magnitude more expensive than random numbers. This is due to the fact that the client can choose the desired set of numbers that will best suit the needs of the business. Agree that it is easier to remember the number 44414 than the number 73596. When a business uses the Vanity number, it will be easier for the end client to remember it and further associate incoming SMS mailings with this particular business. The cost of renting such numbers reaches $1000 per month. In order to get such a number, you need to submit an application for rent, where you will need to determine the digits of the number and pay the rent.

Why use Short Code: what are the benefits?

When it comes time for your client to choose a number option for SMS mailings, he can ask you questions and consult.

To do this, it is better to know the advantages of all types, but now we will talk about the advantages of the Short Code.

  • One of the main positive characteristics of short numbers is their high throughput. Through such numbers, SMS are delivered many times faster than through regular or Long Code numbers. The use of such numbers is especially productive for such businesses that are sent to a large user base. Sending mass mailings, time-limited marketing offers is much more effective through short numbers.
  • Short Codes are easy to remember, because their length is 5-6 characters. When end customers receive new marketing SMS, they will immediately recognize the company and determine who they received the offer from. For more accurate recognition, indicate the name of your company in the SMS text, then the end customers will not have any doubts.
  • Short Code numbers can only send or receive text messages, so there is no problem with unwanted phone calls.
  • Short Codes can only be owned by commercial organizations, i.e. businesses. The client will not wonder about the identity of the sender.

More and more subscribers are added to cellular networks and more and more marketing SMS are sent and will be sent. Short Code numbers will help you cope with this and use it to your advantage: high bandwidth, quick recognition and safety in use.

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