By Sempico Solutions

Parts of SMS sent via SMPP: collection mechanism

The GATUM platform is designed in such a way that you can control all the processes of sending and receiving traffic and share it with your clients. Therefore, a function has been created that allows you to track the sending of SMS with all its parts.

The SMPP parts page is responsible for this. It displays the queue of SMS parts that are received via the SMPP protocol.

The mechanism is this: if the client sent an SMS and it contains several parts, then the system will wait until all the parts are collected and send them all together. If the system does not receive all parts of the SMS, then it will not be sent. For example, a client sent an SMS that consists of 4 parts, but only 3 parts came to us (due to external technical failures or for any other reason). Accordingly, the SMS text is not complete. The system sees that there are not enough parts and does not send these parts. If all 4 parts have arrived and the system has collected them, it will immediately send them together and they will be removed from the SMPP parts tab. Thus, this mechanism helps to send SMS correctly, and this tab helps to track this process. And sometimes it helps to explain to the client the question “why are there no reports on these parts?” – the answer is simple, “we are waiting for another fourth part from you and will send)”.

Thus, it is now even more convenient and easier to control the sending and receiving of traffic on the platform using the SMS parts queue mechanism.

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