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License purchasing or renting – which is more suitable for me?

When you decide to enter the telecom business and have already found a platform for yourself (we described how to choose the right platform for yourself in this article), you have a choice – on what conditions should I use the platform? Many companies developing SMS platforms offer two options – buying a license for the platform or renting it.

Each of these options has its own advantages and risks, and we will write about them below. But GATUM also offers a third option for obtaining a platform – rent with the installation of software on the client server.

Let’s take a closer look at all three options to understand which one meets your needs best:

Purchase of a platform and a license for it.

Let’s say right away that buying a platform implies big expenses already at the beginning of work. By purchasing the entire software package, you will acquire all the functionality of the platform, which you can independently regulate the work and capabilities of which.

This option is suitable for large aggregators and resellers who already pass a large amount of traffic through themselves and need the full power of the platform. In addition, in this case, you only invest once.

But before buying, make sure that along with the platform you will be able to provide it with uninterrupted operation on your servers and support. Also, the company from which you buy the platform must provide you with ongoing technical support and platform updates.

Buying GATUM you get all the related services when installing and supporting the platform absolutely free.

Platform rental.

Renting a platform implies buying a license for just a certain period. This way you can save your initial investments and not risk, because the lease can always be terminated and the platform can be changed.

In addition, all the technical support of the platform lies with the company and you will not need to hire a specialist for such tasks.

By renting a GATUM you can choose the package of functions you need that will meet your operational needs and will be financially beneficial. If you are a beginner aggregator and are just trying yourself in the SMS business, you will not overpay for additional functionality.

Platform rental with installation on the client’s server.

This use case of the platform is similar to the previous one, you also pay for a license only for a certain period and you can choose a set of functions that suits you at a bargain price.

But here the platform is already installed on your server and all data will be stored with you, we will not have access to them. Only once a month will we give you a key to continue your lease.

It is very profitable to use GATUM in this way – your data is always safe on your server, and installation and related technical services are absolutely free.

Now, knowing all the advantages and risks of each option for using the SMS platform, you can choose the most convenient and easy to get started work for yourself.

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