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How to provide access to managers?

The SMPP platform GATUM is designed in such a way that all your information will be safe and you can selectively provide access to it. Also, managers can be given access to different levels of information.

Before granting access to a manager, you need to create it. You can see how to do this on the Admin panel -> Profiles -> Managers page.

In order to provide access, you need:

  1. Go to Settings -> Config -> Permissions -> Managers page.
  2. Click on the name of the manager you need.

In the Roles block – templates of ready-made accesses, the content of which you can determine by name.


In the block Separate permits – you can provide access to information pointwise.


He is automatically assigned the role of a manager.

But if you want to give him access to additional information, then in the access block you can do this. For example, you want to give him the ability to view and edit routes. Then, using the checkmark, select Other -> Route.

  1. Click on the green Update button.

Depending on the information the managers need, you will provide them with the appropriate access.

This is how you can easily provide managers with access to different levels of information.

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